Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real EstateGahir and Associates assist clients in large commercial and developmental real estate purchase, sale, and mortgage acquisition transactions. Our lawyers and support staff are trained to represent in large developmental transactions involving multi-million-dollar hotels, plazas, gas stations, industrial, development lands, and other high stakes commercial real estate transactions. We represent private parties and banks in complex and high-stakes acquisition transactions.

We assist clients with all their commercial real estate related legal needs. Particularly,

– Negotiation of purchase and sale agreement and structuring acquisition of all kind of commercial real estate;

– Creating ownership and investment structuring including partnership, joint ventures corporations, etc.;

– Negotiation and drafting of lease agreements

We also assist parties in mediation and arbitration of high stake commercial real estate and construction disputes. Mr. Gahir has expertise in presiding high stake construction and commercial real estate related to arbitrations and mediations. His in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate law is very helpful in resolving these disputes. He is a Fellow of Charted Institute of Arbitrators and has taken courses in presiding International Commercial Arbitrations.