Administrative Law

Administrative LawAdministrative law covers a wide range of activities involving different boards, government agencies, and tribunals. Harinder Singh Gahir has the competent depth of experience in appearing before a wide range of provincial and federal administrative tribunals, commissions and boards. Asides from recommending legal policies to our clients, we provide professional services regarding the risks of proposed litigation and discussion of legal administrative services to the best of our ability.

Mr. Gahir is not only experienced in advocating for clients appearing before different tribunals, he also has a rich experience in adjudicating administrative law matters for the Provincial and Federal Tribunals. He presided Federal CPP Review Tribunal from April 2003 to April 2006 and Licence Appeal Tribunal, Ontario from November 2006 to November 2018.

Mr. Gahir has experience and skills set required to adequately represent the litigants before administrative agencies including Human Rights Tribunal, Tribunals Ontario, Immigration Division and Immigration Appeal Division of the Refugee Board, Social Security Tribunal (CPP disability appeals) and in judicial review applications in the Divisional Court and the Federal Court.

A person or Corporation that is not satisfied by the action, inaction or decision of the board, agency or tribunal, may start an application for judicial review of the actions, inactions or decision of the government body. Matters relating to provincial agencies are judicially reviewed at the Divisional Court, and the issues related to federal agencies are judicially reviewed at the Federal Court.

The lawyers at Gahir and Associates retain expertise in an extensive range of regulatory statutes and tribunal statutes. Moreover, our lawyers possess an ample amount of knowledge of the court system, a variety of Administrative Law principles and the expertise to apply administrative law principles to our client’s legal issues.